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Exploring the United Kingdom

From Edinburgh to Brighton and London to Belfast, the United Kingdom offers a wealth of travel opportunities. Costs can be high, but with proper planning, a budget trip to the U.K. can be affordable and rewarding.

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Current Budget Travel Deals

Take a look at some perishable travel deals. If you find one you like, grab it before the deal board is erased.   

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Lost Luggage and Budget Travel

When you experience lost luggage or damaged luggage, it pays to have a budget travel strategy to deal with the airlines and get proper service.

European Vacation - 8 Great Small Cities

A European vacation is enhanced by visiting small cities and towns. Here are suggestions for 8 great small cities that add value to budget travel.

Budget Travel Tips for Flyers

Budget travel often involves catching a flight. Take a look at some travel tips for flyers who don't want to waste money.

Baltimore as a Budget Travel Hub

Baltimore travel ranks among the most affordable major cities on the east coast of the U.S. Use it as a hub for budget travel.

Airport Transportation - Budget Travel

Airport transportation can be costly. The same is true of airport parking. Take a look at five strategies designed for budget travel to the terminal.

Road Trip - Common Mistakes

On your next road trip, avoid these 8 common mistakes that cost both time and money.

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What to do About a Missed Flight

Do you know what to do about a missed flight? There are actions you can take to minimize the costs as you practice budget travel.

What to do About a Missed Flight

It's an awful feeling -- the realization that there is no way you'll make it aboard your flight. What happens next? Take a deep breath, remain calm and

Deals for the Week of May 26

Here's the latest list of 10 travel deals for this week. Many of these links lead to offers with a very limited shelf life, so if you're interested, act

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