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Las Vegas on a Budget


Las Vegas strip
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Welcome to Las Vegas:

Las Vegas on a budget is an attempt at getting you around this popular city without destroying your budget. As with most tourist meccas, Las Vegas offers plenty of easy ways to pay top dollar for things that won't really enhance your experience. Cheap Las Vegas travel tips will save you money. Get a National Geographic Destination map of Las Vegas and vicinity.

When to Visit:

There isn't really an off-season in Las Vegas, but some people try to avoid the blistering summer months. You're also wise to avoid holidays and spring break. One of the biggest annual periods (with prices to match) is NCAA Basketball's Final Four weekend. It's always easy to find flight deals for Vegas, so do your homework.

A Link to Dining Tips:

Las Vegas is known for its vast selection of buffets, but if you're here on a special occasion, don't overlook scores of other dining opportunities. Check out your Las Vegas food options.

A Link to Hotel Tips:

Start your Las Vegas planning with a look at a variety of money-saving hotel options. Interested in an upscale experience without spending a fortune? Check out tips to find a four-star for $175 or less.

A Link to Ground Transportation Tips:

Those who think Las Vegas is too expensive are often quite surprised to find a variety of transportation choices.

A Link to Casino Strategies:

Las Vegas is the world capital of gambling, and many travelers leave here considerably lighter in the pocketbook than when they arrived. Check out some thoughts about Vegas Casinos.

A Link to Budget-Friendly Attractions Beyond Las Vegas:

Some budget travelers need a break from the Las Vegas scene, but they don't want to spend money on an expensive resort or spa. Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful and reasonably priced attractions beyond the city limits of Las Vegas that will make your trip memorable.

A Link to More Vegas Tips:

More Money-Saving Advice
Did you know one of Vegas' best shows is performed absolutely free every 15 minutes? Are you aware of the attractions within a short drive of the city? These are money-saving questions for which you need answers prior to your visit to Las Vegas.

Avoid common Las Vegas travel mistakes.

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