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Around the World on a Budget
Part 1: There Goes John!

I'll admit it: I was green with envy.

Years ago, John Sanders was leaving his job at my place of work to travel around the world for the next year or so. He'd be free to explore the rain forests, mountain trails and village squares of distant continents without deadlines, daily errands or mortgage payments to distract him.

He put his promising career on hold at that time. John's top priority was relishing the world's greatest geographic treasures.

I told him to his face that I was jealous of his plan. But in the same breath, I urged him to keep us updated on his progress. You see, we can learn from John, and many others like him out there stretching travel budgets without missing the thrill of exploration.

John gave up his day job for a lengthy around-the-world trip.
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There Goes John

John was not wealthy as he embarked on this adventure, and his trip was not cushy. He stayed in a lot of $7 hostels, a fact that alleviated some of my envy!

John put together a Web site related to his travels, appropriately headlined There Goes John. He posted a daily blog entry and pictures from his location du jour. Reading through the entries on a site like this can definitely save you money.

It is highly unlikely most of us will ever attempt such a journey. But John wrote about places many of us will visit sometime in our lives.

Unless you keep that in mind, the information might seem obscure and unimportant. One example: John traveled from Panachel to Antigua, Guatemala, and encountered a new, comfortable bus. About 90 minutes of riding set him back the grand sum of $2 USD.

There are thousands of similar travel bargains out there. Some you must discover on your own. Others have been uncovered for you.

Consider how a trip like John's is possible--it's fun, and it might help you plan a shorter adventure of your own at a fraction of the costs you'd expect to pay.

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Photograph courtesy John Sanders and ThereGoesJohn.com

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