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Last Minute Airfare - Asian and Australian Last Minute Airfare Deals

Asian and Australian Airlines


Last Minute Airfare - Asian and Australian Last Minute Airfare Deals
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Air Asia is one of the premier budget carriers in this part of the world. It's always worth checking their fares as you plan your itinerary.

Air China has a deals page, but it sometimes takes a while for the pages to load.

Cathay Pacific will email you their last-minute deals that are available for 48 hours only.

Dragonair is one of China's most popular airlines. This links to their fare page, useful in comparison shopping.

Hainan Air flies throughout China and offers a "travel keeper" service in which 65-80% discounts are possible if you're willing to risk not getting the flight of your choice.

JAL makes its promotional offers from the home page.

Jetstar is an Australian carrier with service connections to Honolulu and throughout Asia There are days when their sale page is blank.

Qantas is a major world airline based in Australia. It offers a Web Deals and Stopovers page that is linked here.

Regional Express flies to smaller Australian airports from hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Singapore Airlines posts its Best of the Web fares on the home page.

Skywest serves Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Bali.

Virgin Blue serves Australia and is related to Virgin Atlantic. Check out their "Happy Hour" pricing.

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