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Last Minute Airfare Deals


A primary piece of advice for people seeking last minute airfare deals is to find out which flights have empty seats. The airlines indirectly tell you where seats are empty by discounting selected routes and posting them with market-driven names like "special deals," or "hot deals." Many such special deals pages for major airlines are linked here by continent. They are worth scanning at the start of your shopping experience.

North America

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This is the continent with the most extensive airline network on earth. On a given route, you are likely to have several airline choices. All the major airlines here have special offer pages, and many will honor requests for weekly email messages announcing the fare cuts.

Caribbean and South America

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New resorts are springing up across the Caribbean to mixed reviews. But the new construction signals a strong interest in visiting the region, and airlines connect visitors with more Caribbean destinations than ever. South American airlines cover the vast distances in large nations such as Brazil and Argentina.


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Europe has become the world's most competitive airline market, with a host of budget airlines providing one-way fares between major cities. Some of the budget carriers have become very well established, while others don't last too long. Look for deals from hub cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.


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On a continent where ground transportation can be difficult to arrange and impractical to use, airlines provide the only real options for many travelers. Many airlines here are small and therefore less likely to display flashy, extensive special offer pages. But look through the links and find a few that will offer solid discounts.

Asia and Australia

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Some of the world's best airlines operate in this part of the world, and many will offer discounts to fill seats on costly long-haul flights. Study the terms carefully and plan your itinerary to take advantage of the best prices.
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