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Repositioning Cruises

Cruise Deals in Fall and Spring


Most people have no idea many cruise ships have to be repositioned twice a year. The result is a long trip that touches unusual ports and results in some great on board experiences. Repositioning cruises (also called "repo" cruises) are advertised, but not to the extent of conventional trips. So you'll have to hunt for a repo trip that suits your schedule and interests. Find out more about these cruises, which on a daily basis are often cheaper than their conventional cousins.


Turtle Beach with cruise ship in background.
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Cruise lines don't necessarily relish the thought of repositioning their ships. It's one of those expensive tasks they must perform. So they invite paying customers to ride along and create some special on board experiences not found on standard itineraries. Why would such cruises fit into a budget travel scenario? Find out more!

What to Expect

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Ever dreamed of studying cooking alongside the ship's chef? Do you like to stop in ports that typically don't see many cruise passengers? If you'd be inclined to answer "yes" to either question, you'll want to learn more about what to expect on repo cruises.

Shopping for a Bargain Repo Cruise

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Take a look at a few links for finding repositioning cruises. Since most of these cruises are in the spring and fall, the best shopping times are winter and summer. But beware: many of these cruises sell out by word-of-mouth or from repeat reservations.
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