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Budget Airline Baggage Fees


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Budget Airlines and Baggage Fees
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Some assume baggage fees don't apply to budget airlines. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, budget airlines have some of the most demanding fee structures in the industry.

The idea is to charge people the lowest possible fares for basic transportation. Part of that effort is making people pay for the services they use beyond advancing between two points on the globe.

Some charge simply for the privilege of checking baggage, and a few even impose charges for carry-on items.

What follows are brief policy summaries for leading low-cost carriers. Click the links to read each airline's policies. If your airline of choice is not listed here, go to the home page of its website, and look for a link to the site map. There you will find links for baggage fee information.

While every reasonable attempt is made to keep this information up-to-date, remember that airline policies and prices change quickly. Click on the supplied links for more detailed information directly from the airlines.

Before considering any baggage fees, budget travelers should learn to pack lightly. It's a money-saving technique!

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