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Travel Trends - 2012 Predictions


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Increases in Destination-Specific Travel Taxes
Travel Trends - 2012 Predictions
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

Who doesn't love Edinburgh? It's stately Royal Mile and Castle thrill millions of visitors. It is a history lesson at every turn and it's all set amid ruggedly beautiful terrain.

At the time of this writing, Edinburgh is considering a £2/day tax for visitors ($3.12 USD). The Daily Mail Online reports this tax would be added to hotel bills, with the rationale that it will "not make a big difference when most hotel rates in Edinburgh start at £50 or £60."

No need to single out Edinburgh. These taxes are being added to the cost of hotel rooms and other travel services all over the world. Wherever politicians are looking for a way to raise revenues without losing votes, expect these sorts of charges are bound to increase and multiply.

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