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Top 10 Airlines: Baggage Fees


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Top 10 Airlines: Baggage Fees
Top 10 Airlines: Baggage Fees
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

Airlines are imposing baggage fees and penalties for heavy baggage. What follows are links to Web pages with baggage policies for 10 major world airlines.

If your airline of choice is unlisted here, go to the home page of its Web site, click on a link (usually in small print) for "Site Map" and then find baggage information. While every effort is made to keep these summaries updated, please click the links to verify your costs with information directly from the airline web pages.

It's easy to see that baggage fees are becoming more confusing, complex and expensive by the month. Be sure you understand the charges. Failing to do so could damage your travel budget.

Novice budget travelers should learn to pack lightly before mastering any other money-saving technique.

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