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Cruise Deals & Discounts

Finding a cheap cruise is often easier when you can find empty cabins and last minute deals. Check out these money saving tips for finding a cruise discount.

Shore Excursions on a Cheap Cruise
Shore excursions are an essential part of taking a cruise. But you should refuse to pay for overpriced shore excursions on a cheap cruise. Make your own shore arrangements and save money.

Cruising for $100 a Day
Looking for a cheap all-inclusive vacation? Don't consider a luxury cruise budget travel suicide. Many cruises provide an inexpensive daily cost and some memorable travel experiences.

Research and Purchase a Budget Cruise
Choosing discount cruise can be a tough task because there are so many options. Here are some tips for finding and booking a cruise that will meet your travel budget and your expectations for service and adventure.

Book Review: Caribbean Ports of Call (Seventh Edition)
Cruising the Caribbean on a budget means finding the best deal on shore excursions and planning your trip to ports of call. Caribbean Ports of Call gives you a detailed look at the most popular destinations and starts your planning with good information about vacation bargains.

Budget Cruise Review: Carnival Destiny
Read this budget travel review of a cruise on the Carnival Destiny in the eastern Caribbean.

Cheap Cruise Tips
Here you'll find five techniques for finding a cheap cruise. Remember that cruising can be (with the right deal) one of the most economical ways to see a region or continent.

Repositioning Cruises
Most people have no idea many cruise ships have to be repositioned twice a year. The result is a long trip that touches unusual ports and results in some great on board experiences. Repositioning cruises (also called "repo" cruises) are advertised, but not to the extent of conventional trips. So you'll have to hunt for a repo trip that suits your schedule and interests. Find out more about these …

Step by Step: Find Cheap Cruises
It's easier than ever to find cheap cruises. Take a look at step by step instructions for booking budget travel.

Budget Cruise Review: Quail Cruises Gemini
Read this cruise review of the M/V Gemini, Quail Cruises line for more about budget travel in the Adriatic and Greek Islands.

Quail Cruises Gemini
View this picture gallery of the M/V Gemini, Quail Cruises line for more about budget travel in the Adriatic and Greek Islands.

Tips for Cruising on a Cargo Ship
Cruising on a cargo ship and weighing in with the freight can make your vacation bills lighter. Check out freighter cruise options all over the world as a budget travel alternative to traditional cruises.

How to Cruise on a Budget
Once you book a cabin, do you know how to cruise on a budget? The cruise expenses on-board after leaving port can make a big difference in your budget travel experience. Take a look at some money-saving tips for cutting cruise expenses.

Step by Step Travel Tips for Cruises and Hotels
Finding cheap cruises and cheap hotels requires a step by step approach. Use these tips to save money on hotel stays and budget cruises.

Underrated Cruise Departure Ports

8 Common Mistakes in Cruise Vacations

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