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Tips for Cruising on a Cargo Ship


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Introducing the Freighter Cruise
Container Ship Aerial Photo
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To those who are not fully familiar with the travel industry, cruising on a cargo ship might seem like a rather odd idea. Some people might feel as if they would be stowaways on a working vessel.

People who cruise on freighters are in fact along for the ride on working vessels that frequently are transporting cargo and stopping at sometimes mundane ports. Mundane might not sell cruises, but that word also could suggest an absence of gaudy tourism. Exotic, unspoiled attractions sometimes exist a short distance from an ordinary port city, and freighter cruise passengers generally have more time at a port for exploration.

So for the more adventuresome travelers among us, freighter cruises provide opportunities the vast majority of cruise passengers never experience. Are freighter cruises cheap? Price tags can be weighty, but the daily costs often work out to be quite reasonable.

In the next frame, take a look at some options in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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