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Budget Caribbean Travel

Top Destinations for Caribbean Travel on a Budget


Budget Caribbean travel is easier than many other places because the currencies here are stable. U.S. travelers will find their dollar's value has changed very little over the years against the currencies used here, and many of these islands have not yet fully developed overpriced tourist facilities. Check out seven top destinations for a visit to the Eastern Caribbean on a budget.


Long Bay, Antigua
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Antigua is known for its beaches, and a quick look at the map will tell you why that is true. Many of the beaches are in coves, protected from rough surf and perfect for snorkeling, diving and other water sports. But Antigua (pronounced an-TEE-ga) offers more than beaches. Take a look at five money saving tips for enjoying this island nation in the Eastern Caribbean without breaking your travel budget.


Bridgetown, Barbados
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There are plenty of ways to spend money in Barbados. Food and transportation can be expensive, and that discourages the visits of many budget travelers. Here are some suggestions for activities that could make your trip memorable without spending a lot of money. Not everything listed here is free, but the value of what you'll experience is our goal. Enjoy your visit to the Eastern Caribbean on a budget with a great stay in Barbados.


Roseau, Dominica
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Dominica (pronounced do-mi-NEE-ca) is not as developed for tourism as many of its island neighbors in the Eastern Caribbean. For the budget traveler, that is not necessarily a bad thing. What Dominica lacks in five-star resorts, it provides in gorgeous landscape, exciting recreation and friendly hosts. Prices are generally quite reasonable, making Dominica a good value for travelers on a budget. Take a look at five top values for your visit.

Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico has it all: lush, impressive mountains, unspoiled beaches and islands, historical sites and tropical rain forests. San Juan offers the Caribbean's best selection of restaurants, hotels and clubs. Puerto Rico can be expensive, especially in the city, but here are five tips for budget travelers seeking to enjoy this Eastern Caribbean tropical paradise.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Black Rock, St. Kitts
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The formal name for St. Kitts is St. Christopher, but no one bothers with the formality. This is an island to enjoy in a carefree spirit. Sightseeing and scenery here are outstanding, and most of the activities come at modest cost. Budget travelers to this Eastern Caribbean nation will find memorable moments don't have to involve expensive tours or fancy meals. Enjoy a few simple pleasures in St. Kitts.

St. Lucia

Soufrere, St. Lucia
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St. Lucia offers landscapes similar to what you'd expect in the South Pacific: towering mountains of volcanic origin, pristine, secluded beaches and a feeling that you're far from home. But St. Lucia shows budget travelers a good time without sending them home bankrupt. Most of the important experiences here involve natural wonders that don't require large admission fees. Other places in the Eastern Caribbean have more nightlife and fine dining, but St. Lucia offers natural pleasures you'll remember long after you leave its shores.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands
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It's unfortunate most Americans never get to the U.S. Virgin Islands. This U.S. territory offers some of the most beautiful land under the stars and stripes. Prices tend to be high for transportation, dining and accommodations. But there are some wonderful moments to be enjoyed in the U.S. Virgin Islands for budget travelers who know what they want to do and have done their homework. Visit this gem in the Eastern Caribbean without spending a fortune.

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