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The destination you choose can have a lot to do with your travel budget. From Europe to North America and beyond, look at the specific ways each place provides an opportunity for savings. Consider tips for individual places. Consult books and guidebooks.
  1. Asia and Australia
  2. Caribbean
  3. Europe and Africa
  4. Latin America-Large Cities and Myth-Busting
  5. Latin America-Costa Rica
  1. Latin America-Panama
  2. Latin America-Ecuador
  3. North America
  4. Destination-Planning Strategies
  5. Destination Travel Mistakes

Asia and Australia

From Seoul to Bangkok, Asia presents a wide and fascinating variety of things to see, people to meet and places to experience. Look for tips on low-cost transportation, accommodations and food. Find out the top sites and what it costs to see them. Many times, you'll be surprised by how little it costs to experience some of the world's wonders in Asia.


Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

The Eastern Caribbean presents budget travelers with great value. Stop buying gasoline and paying high exchange rates. Read budget travel tips for seven prime island vacation destinations.

Europe and Africa

Old City, Riga, Latvia

Tips for first trip to Europe can start good savings habits that last a lifetime. Should you take a car or train? Much depends upon on your destination and situation. Some cities in Europe are bargains, while others are more difficult to navigate on a budget. From budget rooms in London to the affordability of Europe’s midsized cities, there are ways to see this great continent and stay on budget.

Latin America-Large Cities and Myth-Busting

Photo by Andrew Holt/Getty Images

Find travel bargains in these heavily traveled cities of Latin America. Suggestions for getting there, getting around, dining, accommodations and more are included here, along with links to the Web pages that will help you plan a budget trip.

Latin America-Costa Rica

One of the world's favorite Latin American destinations is Costa Rica. As its name implies, the small Central American nation is rich in natural beauty: rain forest, scenic coastlines and volcanoes await visitors. This is not the cheapest Central American country to visit, but with some planning you can save enough money here to make a trip affordable.

Latin America-Panama

Panama is famous for its canal and perhaps its beaches, but there is much more to enjoy in this beautiful country. A Panama vacation can be quite inexpensive, or can bring luxury at an affordable price. Either way, you'll enjoy uncrowded beaches, beautiful mountains and rain forests, and some of the best wildlife watching available anywhere.

Latin America-Ecuador

Many North Americans think they can't afford to visit South America. Ecuador might be the most affordable destination for them to consider. The capital city of Quito offers some of the world's best-preserved Colonial architecture, great restaurants and museums as well as affordable dining and accommodations. Day trips from the capital include spectacular Andean scenery and one of the world's most famous open markets.

North America

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Cities in North America offer a wide variety of attractions and prices. Take a look at cities in the Northeast, Midwest, South and West.

Destination-Planning Strategies

Salzburg, Austria

Shape a strategy for your intended destination. From downtown bargains to dangerous destinations, it pays to have a plan. The more you study, the more you find the so-called unaffordable cities are indeed affordable.

Destination Travel Mistakes

Every destination has its own unique money traps. In areas such as accommodations, dining, and transportation, be careful you don't make expensive commitments that won't provide added enjoyment or value. Take a look at specific tips for some popular destinations.

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