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Europe's Budget Airlines


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Discount Airfares in Europe
Europe's Budget Airlines
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

At one time, discount airfare in Europe was a contradiction in terms. In fact, flying within Europe was an exercise in very expensive if not downright wasteful travel. But now Europe is the world's budget airline leader. Choose your flights to supplement seeing what's on the ground, and read the hefty restrictions carefully, but by all means consider making a budget airline flight part of your European itinerary.

For many years, the idea of flying between major cities on your European itinerary was unthinkable.

Anyone trying to do so quickly was told that Europeans did not travel like Americans or Canadians. They used the world's best rail system to avoid Europe's sky-high airline prices. They rented cars and enjoyed the marvelous countryside. It was good advice at the time, and it's still pretty sound in many situations.

But Europe's discount airlines are now firmly established as an industry, even as some of the smaller operations come and go in the marketplace. What does this mean for a budget traveler? Click "next" for an example.

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