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Alternative Airports for Cheap Airfares


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Why Search Alternative Airports?
Alternative Airports for Cheap Airfares
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

Why should alternative airports occupy the attention of a budget traveler? Finding affordable airfares is a daunting task for many travelers -- and the results often make little logical sense. Why should it cost less to fly from an airport that's a greater distance from the destination than one that is closer and more convenient?

It's not necessary for a budget traveler to understand these things. Frankly, I don't think airline executives completely understand their own airfares.

Just know that it almost always pays to check fares from a variety of nearby airports and save money on your next flight. What follows are some examples of how this plays out in a common travel search. Plan your next trip accordingly, because this is a budget travel tip that can add up to huge savings rather quickly, especially if you have two or more in your travel party.

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