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Avoiding Hotel Room No-Nos


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Honor Bar - Hands Off!
Avoiding Hotel Room No-Nos
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

This is the honor bar at a hotel where the room rate was a relative bargain. The same cannot be said for the items in this dish. Cashews, pistachios, cookies and mini-candy bars come in small canisters, each at $6 and up. Many times, you'll find a bottle of water on the counter in your room that appears to be complimentary (and sometimes is) but often costs $5 or more. Tired guests have been known to open a cabinet stocked with such items, grab one and then replace it the next day with something they buy at the corner store. Not so fast! Many honor bars come equipped with sensors that tell the front desk when something has been removed. The charge was added to your bill the instant movement was detected, and getting that item removed can prove difficult. Buy your snacks and drinks elsewhere and let someone else pay for these high-priced treats.

Hotel owners are beginning to notice that travelers are fed up with these nickle-and-dime charges, and a few have even made snacks, drinks, wi-fi and movies available for free!

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