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Trip Planning to Avoid Common Mistakes


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Trading Safety or Cleanliness for a Low Price
Trip Planning to Avoid Common Mistakes
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

A common mistake in trip planning is the practice of trading safety or cleanliness for a bargain.

The room in the picture represents an example of making a safe, clean stop without paying much money.

This hotel room in Santa Elena, Costa Rica was about $21/night and came with a free cooked-to-order breakfast. It had a private bathroom with hot water.

In other places, you could pay $21/night and wind up with a dirty room that is unsafe and in itself a risk to your continued enjoyment of the trip.

It's great to pay $21 (or even less) for a place to sleep. But don't be so eager to return home with a great story about your hotel bargain that you fall into a situation where you bring home stories of being robbed or sharing your room with vermin. It's just not worth saving a few dollars if you're going to sacrifice safety or cleanliness.

Find ways to keep yourself safe from the pitfalls of finding a bargain.

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