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How to Save Money at Six Flags


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Take Advantage of Food Specials or Eat Elsewhere
How to Save Money at Six Flags
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com
Six Flags offers families the opportunity to eat a meal for $40. That's not exactly dirt cheap, and many opt to eat a picnic lunch in the parking lot or simply eat off the property before arrival or after departure. That's not always a practical solution, especially with younger children in your party. If you are going to eat in the park, the $40 offer is worth a look. If you want to minimize the cash you'll carry, it is possible to buy food vouchers online prior to arrival. The parks also offer individual deals after certain hours. I saw a sign at the St. Louis park advertising a dinner for $6 after 6 p.m. That's an offer you might not be able to beat at some fast food restaurants off the park property.
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