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How to Save on Train Travel

Cheap train tickets can lower the cost of your vacation or brighten your expense account. Find out how to make use of trains when they are convenient and affordable.

Airport Trains Under 10 Dollars
Airport trains can save money over shuttle buses and taxi fares. Look at a few airport to downtown trains where fares come in under $10.

Cheap Train Tickets
Cheap train tickets are available with rail passes in Asia, North America and Europe. Take a budget trip on the train. Take a look at 10 chances at cheap train tickets for budget travel.

Train Vacation
With gasoline at more than $3 USD/gallon, turn in your car keys and grab a ticket. Using trains and public transportation in major cities saves money and adds convenience to your vacation plans.

European Travel: Train or Car Rental?
Which is cheaper in Europe, a train ticket or a car rental? It's a question with no simple answer, but here's what I found when confronted with some expensive train fares in northern Europe.

National Rail - Five Passes to Consider

8 Common Train Travel Mistakes

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