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Budget Travel Basics


The big ticket items in most trips involve airfares, accommodations and ground transportation. These things can be very expensive, but budget travelers can shop on the Internet for the best deals on these and other high cost expenses.
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Air Travel

Takeoff to greater savings!

Airfares rise and fall like stock prices. Buy at the right time and you can save a lot of money. Know the rules, find the Web sites with last-minute deals, use your credit cards to snag free air travel and be certain your baggage doesn't cost you more money.


Can you find a cruise for $100 USD/day? If so, you've found a good price, since cruising costs usually include most of your dining expenses, transportation and lodging. The Internet makes it easier than ever to research and book a budget cruise.


Hotels once were a largely unknown commodity to travelers, who would simply check in and hope for the best. Now, it's possible to read reviews and bid for the price of your room. There are also plenty of alternatives to hotels that can, in certain situations, save you a lot of money.


For car rentals, use Internet special offer pages to find last-minute bargains. Look at a variety of car rental tips, or book a train vacation and leave driving to someone else.

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