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Summer Vacation Travel Guide


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Summer Vacation Travel Guide
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Whether you're planning a nice weekend getaway to a small country inn or an around-the-world jaunt, About.com Experts have you covered with the best information for making your trip a memorable success.

It's not possible to list every great destination for a summer vacation, but here are a few notes that might inspire further research:

General Information

If you're trying to decide on the best place for a vacation, consider a list of 10 top summer U.S. destinations that comes complete with links to more information about each city, and even hotel recommendations.

An interesting twist on destination planning involves visiting superlative sites such as the tallest, biggest or widest places in the U.S.

If your aim is trying to find places that are in their "low season" during this time, take a look at destinations for summer budget travel. If you want to ditch the heat on your vacation, think about some cool places in hot weather.

Eastern U.S.

New York is a favorite destination for summer vacationers. With so much to consider before arrival, it's nice to consult a summer in New York City planning hub that will link you to the best information about travel essentials as well as holidays and events, summer concerts, film festivals, and the annual restaurant week.

Boston's venerable Fenway Park is home to the defending World Series champions. It is the oldest ball park in the major leagues. Attending a game here is an essential Boston experience, whether or not you're a baseball fan. Finding tickets can be difficult and expensive.

Washington D.C. is a popular summer destination. Thankfully, many of Washington's top 10 attractions do not charge an admission fee.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the nation's most popular, so it's not surprising that the cities of Sevierville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have developed into major tourism centers. Consider how to plan a budget vacation in the Great Smokies.

Fans of the hit movie The Hunger Games probably know that much of the picture was filmed in North Carolina. You can plan a trip around key filming locations for The Hunger Games. It's a great itinerary for anyone who loves summer visits to North Carolina.

Further south, you won't want to check into the Big Easy before taking a look at summer hotel discounts in New Orleans and some free New Orleans attractions.


In a place as large as the Lone Star State, you'll need a guide to summer hot spots in Texas that will help you discern what all the major cities have to offer visitors.

Once you've put together an itinerary, get more information about summer attractions in Texas

When you experience the legendary desert heat, you'll soon be thankful you researched cool-down spots in the Southwest and the best pools in Las Vegas. That pool list might have some influence on your hunt for Las Vegas' best hotels.

Once your accommodations are squared away, take a look at an overview of summer vacation in Las Vegas

U.S. Pacific Coast Region

If you'll be vacationing on the west coast, consider a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. You can also take a look at Los Angeles in summer or an overall guide to California for this time of year. Read up on strategies for beating the heat in Los Angeles.

Another great resource shows you nine great places to go in California in summer. You'll find these locales offer enjoyment to a wide range of tastes and interests.

Further north, there is a great deal to explore on summer vacation in Seattle. You'll find plenty of concerts and beautiful scenery to go along with relatively mild summer temperatures.


Many Americans visit Mexican resort cities such as Puerto Vallarta to escape ice and snow at home. But there are good reasons to visit Mexico in summer: great festivals, prime surfing season and tailor-made Mexican summer vacations.


Summer in China brings quite a few festivals and some great beach weather. Be warned: the season is frequently hot and rainy in many parts of this vast country, so plan accordingly. The planning article linked here has information about events and festivals organized by month, location and activity.

Summer Vacation Travel Guide
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