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8 Common Mistakes in Orlando Travel


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Falling for Pizza Flier Rip-Offs
8 Common Mistakes in Orlando Travel
Mark Kahler, licensed to About.com

Doesn't this pizza look great? It was delivered to my room by a reputable establishment specializing in deep-dish pies.

But in Orlando, a common scam is to enter hotels and slide fliers under doors for fictitious pizza parlors. The names of these places are carefully worded to resemble legitimate businesses in the area.

You call the number on the flier and order your pizza, giving the restaurant your credit card number. Sometimes the pizza never arrives. Other times, you'll get a very low-quality product made in someone's garage. Your opinion about the product doesn't matter.

They're not after your repeat business. They are after your credit card number for purposes of stealing your identity.

To be clear: not every pizza parlor flier you see in Orlando is fraudulent. But if it is slipped under your hotel room door, maintain some cynicism. It's better to ask the front desk for a delivery recommendation or consult a telephone directory.

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