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Review: How to Europe

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How To Europe, by John Bermont

The Bottom Line

How To Europe: The Complete Travelers Handbook by John Bermont describes the practicalities of visiting Europe in astonishing detail. Whether you're planning your first visit or trying to land a transfer to your company's European office, you'll appreciate his sensible, money-saving advice and his attention to the basics of daily survival.


  • As thorough a primer for the first-time visitor to Europe as you will ever find.
  • Packed with practical tips that will save time and money.
  • Bermont has identified mistakes that are common and avoidable.
  • Wide ranging advice that applies both to brief visits and residential stays.
  • The style of writing makes for easy reading.


  • The book is too heavy to carry on your trip unless you're moving to Europe.
  • Travelers looking for specific hotel, restaurant, and location recommendations won't find many here.
  • If you're not moving to Europe or going for the first time, you might want another book.


  • Murphy and Broad Publishing, Midland, MI
  • Edition 4, 2003.
  • 470 Pages, with Illustrations.

Guide Review - Review: How to Europe

Do you know how to tip in Europe? Can you read basic road signs?

Before you answer with an indignant "yes," consider most North Americans who have not been to Europe probably lack these skills. These and hundreds of similar deficiencies could be costly.

Author John Bermont admits to making plenty of mistakes in his first visits to Europe. Since then, he's lived in several European cities, and he knows daily routines on both sides of the Atlantic.

He's been writing and updating How to Europe since 1982. Photographs carefully document the signs, symbols, and situations you'll see. It's as if the world's most patient travel guide is in your living room, giving you the basics without embarrassing you.

Beyond the novice's needs, Bermont devotes considerable effort to helping those who might want to live in Europe. The rise of multi-national companies, study-abroad programs, and work offers in eastern Europe make the advice more timely than ever.

You won't find stunning photography, trendy club reviews, or recommended hotels. For those, save your $28.50 USD for another book.

Veteran travelers might choose another book too, although it is entertaining for any travel enthusiast.

Consider Bermont's advice for combating groups of scam artists intent on picking your pockets: "Start filming them with your videorecorder. It is simply amazing how fast they scatter."

How to Europe is a practical supplement to more traditional guides, and should be required reading for the novice.

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