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Six Flags - Get a Discount for Six Flags tickets


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A Six Flags discount could be applied at theme parks throughout North America. Add in the water parks and animal parks and the number of parks totals 19. Each has its own schedule of operations.

There are two strategies for getting a Six Flags discount. One is to search for deals at the park you'll be visiting. Another is to buy a pass that's good at any one of them.

In many of the parks, summer is the most important season and the time when the biggest number of visitors arrive. It's possible to make pre-season or early-season buys that will save you money during peak season.

For example, you can buy a 2014 Season Pass for $59.95 USD, just a bit more than price of a one-day admission ticket at some parks. When you buy four or more, the price drops to $54.95.

Most Six Flags parks are offering a new Gold Pass. It covers parking and V.I.P. privileges in the parks. They've also included a feature called a Bring-A-Friend Free ticket.

As the name implies, the Season Pass pays for unlimited visits all season. You also get five free tickets for your friends on select days, free special events, and a bonus book with more than $300 of in-park values. Whether or not all of those items are of use to you is another question, but the bonuses and the efficiency of having a pass make good sense and save money.

The locations that have Hurricane Harbor water parks will accept the Season Pass for admission to those facilities, too. Pack a swimsuit.

If you know you'll only visit a Six Flags property once in a season, it make sense to buy daily tickets online at a $10 savings over the park price. You simply pay the $39.95, download and print your tickets at home, and then skip the ticket lines on arrival. For early-season visits, note that everyone can pay the "kid's price" of $34.99 for visits through May 28.

If you shop by property, the discounts sometimes go even deeper. Frequently you can buy daily tickets online for $10-$20 less per person than the ticket window prices at the park. Here's a geographical listing of links that will take you to the online purchase point for these discounted tickets. For budget tips on visiting the host cities, click on the location that follows the park's name.

Northeast and Southeast

Six Flags New England in Springfield, Mass., has a $10 online discount for daily tickets. The online discount at Great Adventure & Wild Safari in New Jersey is a full $20/person ($42 vs. $62)

In upstate New York, Great Escape Lake George sells the daily pass at a discounted $39.99 (admission at the park is $49.99).

Six Flags over Georgia near Atlanta offers variable discounts of $20 or more, depending upon the date(s) you book.


Season tickets for $72 are available to everyone who purchases online for Great America near Chicago.

Save up to $15 off regular admission buying online for Six Flags near St. Louis. You'll pay $42 rather than $57.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas near San Antonio offers daily tickets online for $45 instead of $65 at the park. At Six Flags Over Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, season passes are $69.99. Daily tickets online are $50 instead of $65 at the park.


San Francisco bound? Discovery Kingdom in nearby Vallejo offers an online cost of $43/person. Daily admission is $63.

Magic Mountain near Los Angeles offers $43 daily tickets when purchased online, a full $25 off the price paid at the park.

Once you've purchased tickets and passes, take a look at a step by step approach to saving money in a Six Flags park.

At the end of the day, you'll be tired. So here are links to budget and mid-range Six Flags hotels within a short drive of your favorite park.

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