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Budget Travel Library


For most budget travelers, book buying centers on the best guidebook that can be stashed in a backpack or suitcase. Guidebooks are great money-savers because they help you find things quickly and prioritize your precious travel time. But don't overlook other travel books that are also helpful: these offer advice on everything from frequent flier miles to choosing the most economical destinations.

Reviews for General Advice Budget Travel Books

Courtesy Tim Leffel
Courtesy Tim Leffel
Want the best deals for senior travel? How about finding ways to plan for that first trip to Europe? Guidebooks might show you which hotel offers a senior discount or where everyone wants to eat in Paris, but they won't give you as much strategy as general advice books. Check out these reviews for books that should get you thinking about new ways to save money on travel.

Reviews for Guidebooks

Courtesy Pulse Guides
Courtesy Pulse Guides
Guidebooks are filled with perishable information, and they're directing you along with many other travelers to the same places. That's the bad news up front. Here's the good news: an up-to-date guidebook that applies to the destinations of your trip will save you time and money. You'll be able to budget for hotels and restaurants. You'll avoid pitfalls. Check out these reviews for budget travel guidebooks.
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