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Travel Safety for Your Money

Avoiding Thieves, Scam Artists and Other Costly Dangers


Travel safety is a part of budget travel because there are many people out there who make it their business to separate you from your money. The best travel deal on earth is of little value if you lose money to thieves. That's why you should never sacrifice safety for a cheap hotel room or a seemingly cheap taxi ride. Take a look at 10 tips for keeping your money safe from across the travel channel at About.com.

Signs of a Possible Travel Scam

Everyone looks for breathtaking travel bargains, and perhaps a few will pan out for you in your lifetime. But there are scores of scam artists out there who prey on your instinct to save money on travel. Often, by the time you recognize their handiwork, they are long gone. Here are 10 red flags that should alert you to possible scam activity. When you see them, you shoud at the very least ask questions. Better yet: move on to another offer altogether.

Dangerous Destinations

What happens when world events force postponement of travel, or at least give you second thoughts about your plans? There are many nuances here to consider. Let's say your trip is not canceled, but on arrival you discover that some of the places you wanted to see are temporarily inaccessible. You have lost value. What happens when you have to cancel a trip because of unrest? Do you know your rights? Think about how you could lose money or value when you visit a potentially dangerous destination.

Stopping Pickpockets

Pickpockets operate in just about every big city or tourist attraction in the world. It is among the most common way travelers lose their money, and here you'll find some simple precautions for avoiding that fate. For example, the investment you make in a good money belt will buy you peace of mind and thwart most of the pickpockets who would attempt to prey on you. Some of this advice might seem a bit obvious, but the fact is many travelers just don't think about these things until it's too late.

Avoiding Taxi Rip-Offs

Budget travelers tend to avoid taxis, but there are times when it is the most efficient or safest way to get around. But remember that a lot of bad things can happen when you get into a taxi. We can accept that the cost is likely to exceed public transportation, but there are people who masquerade as legitimate taxi operators who are in fact rip-off artists. Here you'll find five strong tips for avoiding these unscrupulous drivers.

Learn the Common Scams for Your Destination

About Travel's Guide to India says this: "It’s impossible to come to India and not encounter at least one scam or someone trying to rip you off. You shouldn’t be paranoid, but it’s wise to be very aware and cautious." There are five tips here for avoiding India's most common scams. Take note: while these ploys might be common in India, they are not necessarily unique to that country. Variations can be found everywhere. It is best to do research on the scams that are common in your intended destination. Do an Internet search with the country's name and "common travel scams."

Tips to Avoid Travel Thefts

Did you know that thieves frequently work in pairs? One will distract you (often pleasantly) while the other grabs your money or other valuables. It's wrong to approach all strangers with suspicion, but trust your instincts. When someone approaches you and seems especially friendly for no apparent reason, stay alert. Take a look at tips for avoiding theft.

Planning a Safe Trip to Europe

With respect to violent crime, Europe is statistically far safer than most parts of the United States. When most Americans hear that, they relax. Some relax too much. While violent crime isn't a big problem, petty theft is of some concern. In addition to pickpocketing, there are other situations that arise that are designed to separate you from money, cameras, and other valuables. Put these tips to work as you plan your European journey.

Hiding Your Money

You've heard of money belts, but what other techniques do you know for safely stashing your cash? Read some tips for secreting away your money supply.

Safety in the Caribbean

The Caribbean markets itself as a carefree zone. It's a place to relax and party, right? While that is certainly true, there are people who make it their business to take advantage of those who are too relaxed to notice a rip-off in progress. Take a look at these suggestions before you go to the Caribbean.

Scam Alert

Travel is a product for which you pay in advance, and that creates opportunities for scam artists to take your money and run. Take a look at how you can fight back -- or avoid being a victim in the first place.
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