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Travel Tips that Save Money

Travel tips can be helpful for people who must save money along the way. Take a look at ways to make your travel budget go further with helpful travel tips.
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Book Review: 101 Tips for Women Travelers
Read a review of a book designed to help women travelers get more value from their trips.

Summer Budget Travel Tips
Summer travel can be expensive without a plan to save money. Budget travel tips are offered to help plan an affordable getaway. Take a look at a step by step plan with money saving tips.

Chip and PIN Credit Cards
Chip and PIN credit card technology is sweeping much of the world. Designed to prevent credit card fraud due to skimming, these cards are readily used in the United States. Find out how budget travel could be impacted for Americans who travel abroad.

Air Miles Credit Cards
Before you buy the sales pitches of frequent flier credit card companies, consider the cost of those miles.

Plan Ahead for Vacation Deals
Take a look at some tips for a cheap spring break. Find out how vacation deals and spring break on a budget are possible.

Air Miles Credit Cards: Comparing Benefits and Terms
Before you buy the sales pitches of frequent flier credit card companies, consider the cost of those miles.

Budget Travel Resolutions
At the beginning of each new year, About Budget Travel posts some resolutions. These suggestions for saving money on travel are easier to keep than more traditional new year's resolutions, and perhaps for that reason they have become popular with readers. These lists of resolutions are organized by year, but remember that suggestions from...

Consumer Advice
No one wants to think about travel scams or price gouging. Buying travel insurance or stating your consumer complaint in search of a refund are two more unpopular subjects with many travelers. But knowing about these things can save you money for travel. Check out the following topics and learn more about how to protect yourself in the travel marketplace.

Currency Exchange on a Budget
The Internet makes up-to-the-minute exchange inquiries a simple matter of typing a given amount into a Web calculator. Sites such as XE.com offer exchange information, but check out these tips for strategy, too.

Currency Exchange Rates Bear Watching
Currency exchange can make a difference in the cost of your budget trip. Watch exchange rates carefully to be sure you are getting the best travel value.

Hiring a Private Guide on a Budget
When you land in a new city, what do you see? More importantly, do you understand the significance of the place you've spent money to visit? Sometimes, hiring a personal travel guide for the day can maximize your budget travel investment.

Holiday Budget Travel Tips
A few simple rules for making holiday travel affordable.

Insurance for a Budget Trip
Travel insurance isn't needed for every trip, but the right policy at the right time can save you money and aggravation.

Off Season Savings
Paris in February? Why not? Traveling in the off-season will save you a lot of money.

Trips for $1200
The U.S. Congress passed a tax rebate that paid many American families $1200. The idea was to put money back into taxpayer pockets, where it would, in theory, invigorate a sluggish economy. Now that it's history, what about setting $1200 as a budget amount? Here are five suggestions for putting those dollars to work.

Walking Tour-Hire a Tourist Guide
A walking tour for the day, led as you hire a tourist guide, can lead to some great budget travel value. Read step by step money saving tips on how to arrange a walking tour.

Cheap Travel Step by Step
If you're trying to achieve cheap travel, you must be mindful of many factors. In each travel planning situation, there are tips and precautions you should consider. Each of the linked step by step collections in this section will give you plenty to think about as you plan, and will give you a plan for making the very best itinerary decisions...

Step by Step Airfare Savings

There are many ways to save money on travel. But the best "how to" approach involves a step by step progression that considers the market conditions and your own itinerary. Here are ways to save money on airfares and the overall costs of air travel.

Avoid Plane Food Costs
plane food, budget travel, food on planes, in-flight meal, air travel

Travel Complaints and Travel Refunds
Do you know how to make effective travel complaints? If not, you could be missing out on travel refunds or other compensation to which you are entitled. Find out how the right travel complaints can be important tools for budget travel.

The Gift of Travel

Travel Food - Local Cuisine

5 Ways to Save on Vacation Rentals

Airport Security - Clear Checkpoints Quickly

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