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Budget Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
5 Airport Expenses to Avoid
Terminal space is expensive, so some goods and services are marked up at the airport. Here are five buys you should avoid making in an airport terminal.
How to Use Alternative Airports for Cheaper...
Find an alternative airport and you might also find cheap airfares. Sometimes you can book flights at nearby airports that save money. Perform your next travel search for alternate airports for booking budget travel.
8 Common Solo Travel Mistakes
Solo travel can be rewarding. But solo vacations can be far more expensive with 8 common mistakes that cut into budget travel savings.
10 Add-On Hotel Charges to Avoid
Hotel add-on charges can quickly make an affordable stay into an expensive one. Step-by-step, learn to avoid these hotel fees.
Tips for Saving Money on Your Car Rental
Not knowing how car rental companies work can cost you quite a bit of money. Find the cheapest car rental and save yourself time and money.
Want to Cruise on a Cargo Ship? Here's What You...
Cruising on a cargo ship and weighing in with the freight can make your vacation bills lighter. Check out freighter cruise options all over the world as a budget travel alternative to traditional cruises.
10 Steps to Finding Cheap Domestic Airfare in...
Find the cheapest flights within the United States with step by step research that leads to cheap airfares. Check out these step by step money saving tips.
How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees While Traveling
Avoid baggage fees by taking this step by step budget travel approach. Airline baggage fees are easily cut in your budget if you follow these steps.
8 Best Carry-On Bags for Budget Travel
Carry-on luggage is a strong choice for budget travelers. Budget travelers who are light on their feet often get the best bargains.
10 Travel Deals for the Week
Here are travel deals for the week. A variety of discount travel is offered for airfares, car rentals, hotels, cruises and much more.
Is RV Travel Really Cheaper than Motel Travel?
Cheap RV travel is not just for retirement. But it isn't always cheap for everyone. Consider the costs connected with both RV and motel budget travel.
8 Senior Discounts to Take Advantage of For...
Senior discounts sometimes start as early as 50 years of age. So It often pays to check on this potential savings as you plan budget travel.
Should you Travel Europe by Car or Take a Train?
Which is cheaper in Europe, a train ticket or a car rental? It's a question with no simple answer, but here's what I found when confronted with some expensive train fares in northern Europe. Page 2.
How to Enjoy a Cruise Vacation on a Budget
Once you book a cabin, do you know how to cruise on a budget? The cruise expenses on-board after leaving port can make a big difference in your budget travel experience. Take a look at some money-saving tips for cutting cruise expenses.
10 Tips for Finding Cheap Airfares
Finding a cheap airfare does not involve luck or magic. It is a matter of searching in the right places for the right prices. Here are 10 tips for finding cheap airfares and giving your travel budget a break.
Baggage Fees for the Top 10 Airlines
Baggage fees for major airlines are increasing, adding significant costs to budget travel. Take a look at baggage fees for the world's 10 busiest airlines.
8 Common Road Trip Mistakes Travelers Make
On your next road trip, avoid these 8 common mistakes that cost both time and money.
How to Travel with Your Pet
Pet travel is getting more expensive, as airline fees are created to help create new revenue for struggling carriers. Find out how to travel with pets on a budget.
How to Find a Cheap Cruise Vacation
It's easier than ever to find cheap cruises. Take a look at step by step instructions for booking budget travel.
Underrated Cruise Departure Ports
Take a look at 10 underrated cruise departure ports. Treat your departure port as the first port of call for a budget travel advantage.
10 Steps to Finding Cheap International Flights
Find cheap international flights by applying a few simple budget travel principles.
10 Free Things to Do in New York City
There are free things to do in New York City that will make your visit less expensive. Pursue some worthwhile sights and activities in New York City for free, and make the most of your budget travel visit.
Should You Shell Out for a New Winnebago Via RV?
This RV review stems from a week-long test drive of the Winnebago Via, a Class A motor coach that is 25.5 feet in length, with a clearance of 11 feet.
Where to Find Cheap Train Tickets Around the...
Cheap train tickets are available with rail passes in Asia, North America and Europe. Take a budget trip on the train. Take a look at 10 chances at cheap train tickets for budget travel.
Is Flying Allegiant Air Worth the Bargain?
Allegiant Air is a budget airline that serves many small markets and some major tourist destinations in the U.S. Read this Allegiant Air review to make the most of your budget travel excursion.
Save Money with These Big US City Airport...
Search for an alternative airport in the major U.S. airport markets. Cheap U.S. airfares at these airports make budget travel easier.
Expert Advice for Sleeping in Airports
Some choose sleeping in airports as an alternative to paying hotel costs. It's important to plan ahead and make safety a top priority.
Where to Find Last-Minute Airfare Deals:...
Airlines offer the traveler a last minute airfare when seats are empty. Find a deal with airline special offer web pages, organized by continent.
Baggage Fees for 11 Popular Budget Airlines
Baggage fees for low-cost carriers are increasing. Here are links to the baggage policies and fees of 10 leading low-cost carriers.
Check These North American Airlines for Last...
Last minute airfare deals can be found on special offer pages at websites of North American airlines. Check these pages frequently for bargains.
10 Tips for a Cheap Spring Break
Take a look at some tips for a cheap spring break. Find out how vacation deals and spring break on a budget are possible.
How to Find the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card
Before you accept the sales pitches of air miles credit card companies, take a look at some issues that could limit how you earn frequent-flier miles.
Reviews of Top Low Cost Airline Options
Low cost airlines offer cheap flights but operate on a unique business model. Consider these reviews of the major low cost carriers.
10 Things to Do and Places to See For Free in...
There are free things to do in Las Vegas that can ease the expense of your trip. If your goal is budget travel, check out what is offered in Las Vegas for free.
What to Know about Booking with Arbnb.com and...
Booking budget travel with airbnb.com and VRBO.com helps avoid expensive hotels. Weigh the pros and cons of these travel tools.
The 5 Types of Budget Hotels in Europe
Find budget hotels in Europe to save money on your trip. These smaller discount hotels in Europe can save money and enhance budget travel experiences.
Confessions of a Budget Traveler: It's About...
Could the confessions of a budget traveler actually double as money-saving tips? Perhaps, if you see that value sometimes trumps low price.
The 4 Best Airline Travel Reward Credit Cards
The best travel reward credit cards give budget travelers flexibility to redeem frequent flier miles for free trips or discounted trips. Take a look at the top credit card picks for budget travelers from airlines.
How to Save Money on a Rental Car
Airport car rentals can be costly. Try to save money with these helpful tips about how to find a cheaper off airport car rental.
A 5-step Process for Complaining About Your...
Make effective complaints at the hotel front desk. Read these five simple steps toward resolution of your problem.
Common Mistakes with Airline Baggage
Airline baggage expenses are higher than ever. Avoid 8 common mistakes with baggage that wind up costing money for budget travelers.
Are You Ready for No-Tipping Restaurants?
No-tipping restaurants are increasing in number. You should be aware of the trend and how it could affect your budget travel spending.
10 Great Places to Get Online Travel Coupons
Find travel coupons online and book budget travel products. Promotional codes exist for everything from airfares to luggage buys.
8 Biggest Travel Blunders Tourists Make in New...
It's easy to make common mistakes when you plan New York travel -- miscues that cost money. Take a look at 8 New York travel mistakes.
10 Signs You're Being Scammed
Everyone wants to find a great travel deal, but watch out for red flags commonly found in a scam by keeping these warning signs in mind.
8 Common Car Rental Mistakes
Car rental mistakes are common and costly. Be sure you know how to avoid these 8 pitfalls as you practice budget travel.
5 Summer Travel Scams to Avoid
Summer is a great time to vacation on a budget. Thieves see it as a prime time to victimize the crowds. Watch out for five common summer travel scams.
How to Pay Half Price for a New York Four-Star...
Finding a New York Priceline hotel deal requires a careful strategy. Follow the anatomy of a bid and hotel stay in the pricey Times Square area.
Seoul on a Budget
Cheap flights to South Korea, cheap holidays to Seoul are all possible with some research. Travel to South Korea with some help from About Budget Travel. Find the best time to travel to South Korea and save money on travel.
Visiting Graceland on the Cheap
Visit the site that Elvis Presley called home. Plan an inexpensive tour in Memphis of one of America's most interesting attractions.
Your Guide to Shopping for Repositioning Cruise...
Repositioning cruises occur in the spring and the fall. The resulting itineraries are lengthy and unique, and sometimes result in lower daily costs.
The Pros and Cons of RV Travel
RV travel offers some pros and cons to budget travel plans. Consider carefully if this travel option works best for you.
How to Explore the Grand Canyon on a Budget
The Grand Canyon is one of the world's greatest and most visited natural wonders. But getting there can be time-consuming and expensive. Finding a place to stay often involves a long drive or a costly bill. Do some planning to save money as you visit Arizona's greatest attraction.
Make Plans for a Cheap Airport Ride
Airport transportation can be costly. The same is true of airport parking. Take a look at five strategies designed for budget travel to the terminal.
Airport Costs Beyond Your Airfare You Should...
Air travel cost means more than flight airfare. Many expenses on the ground can drive up the cost of air travel. Here is a step by step approach to managing air travel cost from the ground up.
Senior Discounts in Las Vegas
Senior discounts in Las Vegas can be elusive, but a good budget traveler learns to ask about price breaks and where to find the deals.
How to Get Bargains with Priceline: Bidding...
Priceline doesn't tell you which bids are winners, but many travelers are now posting that information on Web sites you should visit. Page 2.
Last Minute Flights Deals on Europe's Biggest...
Last minute flights to Europe are not always the best budget travel options. But airline websites will show you the fares they've slashed to fill empty seats.
Our Best Tips for Finding Cruise Vacation...
Finding a cheap cruise is often easier when you can find empty cabins and last minute deals. Check out these money saving tips for finding a cheap cruise.
Overbooking - Use an Airline Bump for Budget...
Overbooking is a fact of life in the airline industry. There is a budget travel advantage to the airline bump. Many volunteer to be bumped from a flight for compensation. Here's how to do it.
Your Complete Travel Guide to Exploring Chicago...
Is Chicago too expensive for you? Don't answer the question until you read some tips for saving money in one of the world's favorite cities.
How Chip and PIN Credit Card Technology Affects...
Chip-and-PIN credit card technology is sweeping much of the world. Designed to prevent credit card fraud due to skimming, these cards are readily used in the United States. Find out how budget travel could be impacted for Americans who travel abroad.
Over-Looked Summer Travel Tips for Seniors
Take a look at 5 ideas for summer travel designed especially for seniors.
Save Money on Your Next Six Flags Trip
Six Flags amusement parks offer a variety of discount ticket options. Make sure you take advantage of all cheap ticket offers as you visit the parks of Six Flags.
How to Save Money on Shore Excursions on Your...
Shore excursions are an essential part of taking a cruise. But you should refuse to pay for overpriced shore excursions on a cheap cruise. Make your own shore arrangements and save money.
Park and Fly Hotels: Alternative to Pricey...
Park and fly hotel deals allow travelers to bypass hefty airport parking fees and get a night's sleep before their flights. Park at a hotel instead of an airport to get better budget travel value.
How Kayak's Online Airfare Forecast Works and...
Kayak.com now offers airfare shoppers a fare forecast. Is their buying advice sound, or is this just another sales tool?
How to Save Money Flying with Just Your...
Does your carry-on bag fit airline restrictions? Check out some tips for complying with airline carry-on restrictions as you practice budget travel.
For \$100, You Can Skip Customs and Security...
Air travelers can bypass long lines at U.S. Customs with membership in Global Entry. The $100 fee covers 5 years and includes free membership in TSA Precheck.
6 Things to Do After Missing a Flight
Do you know what to do about a missed flight? There are actions you can take to minimize the costs as you practice budget travel.
Where to Find Travel Deals on Repositioning...
Repositioning cruises offer budget travel deals. Cruise lines must reposition their ships twice a year. The longer itineraries and added days at sea contribute to lower daily costs.
An Expert Guide to Exploring Orlando on a Budget
Is Orlando too expensive for you? Don't answer the question until you read some tips for saving money in one of the world's favorite cities.
The Pros and Cons of Priceline Airfare and Hotels
Find a cheap travel deal with Priceline, but understand the rules.
Eat Like a Local
Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money. Eat like a local. Find a local restaurant called a soda for cheap food.
5 Shopping Strategies for Your Next Vacation
If you will be shopping while on vacation, pay close attention to 5 money-saving tips that could add value to your trip.
Your Guide to Finding Affordable New York City...
Finding a cheap NYC hotel room isn't as difficult as many travelers might believe. There are plenty of ways to save money on a Manhattan hotel room.
How to Save Money on Short-Notice Flights
Save on short-notice flights by searching several sources of low last-minute airfares. Page 3.
How to Book a Bargain Spring or Autumn Cruise...
Repositioning cruises offer budget travel deals. Cruise lines must reposition their ships twice a year. The longer itineraries and added days at sea contribute to lower daily costs.
Budget Travel Tips: 8 Common Airport Mistakes
There are at least 8 common mistakes in airport travel that cost time, money and stress. Find out how to avoid these problems at the airport and practice sound budget travel.
8 Steps to Get the Best Value from European...
Sometimes, boarding a coach bus offers more than independent travel. Use these tips for getting the best value from European tour packages.
3 Money-Saving Tips for Your Trip to the Panama...
Panama Canal trips explore one of the world’s most important waterways. Find out more about visiting this landmark with money-saving budget travel tips.
How to Score a Free Seat Upgrade from the Airline
A free upgrade is never a sure thing, but it's possible to get better seats from an airline at no cost. Check out a few airline upgrade strategies.
How to Explore San Francisco on a Budget
Visit San Francisco on a budget. Don't let myths about this city being too expensive prevent your visit. Check out some money saving tips.
Must-Read Tips for Enjoying New York City Trip...
Visiting New York on a budget doesn't have to be a hardship. There are plenty of ways to save money on cheap New York travel for airfares, a Manhattan hotel room, dining, attractions and transportation.
Find Cheap Hotels Outside the Gates of Six Flags
Six Flags hotels recommended here tend to be close to the park. Hotels under $125 per night are favored as selections for budget travel to Six Flags.
Las Vegas Strip - Common Mistakes
The Las Vegas Strip is a world-famous travel destination. Look at common mistakes made in Las Vegas travel and save money on your next trip.
Our Best Step-by-Step Resources for Bargain...
Here are dozens of step by step approaches to finding cheap travel. Make these money saving tips a part of your next budget travel planning session.
Your Complete Travel Guide to Visiting Beijing...
If you've dreamed of seeing the Forbidden City or the Great Wall of China, Beijing is a place for you to discover these ancient treasures and much more. China's capital city can be intimidating--and expensive--if you don't know a few ways to travel on a budget.
Tracking Currency Exchange Rates Online For...
International travelers must stay current on exchange rates to be certain they are getting the best values. This look at xe.com shows how an Internet travel tool can help budget travelers plan to save money by knowing up-to-the-minute exchange rates that can be used in bookings and other buying decisions.
10 Budget Travel Tips for Planning Your First...
Knowing European travel can be expensive, are you ready to plan your first European vacation? If so, follow this step by step, budget travel approach.
How to Get a Free Hotel Room Upgrade
Increase your chances of a free hotel upgrade with these budget travel tips. As you spend money on a hotel room, get the most value possible.
8 Common Budget Airline Mistakes Travelers Make
Low-cost airlines use a much different business model than other carriers. Work to avoid 8 common mistakes with low-cost airlines as you practice budget travel.
5 Things to Know Before you Consider a...
Freighter cruises can be a great way to see the world on a budget, but there are 5 things you should know about how to travel on a cargo ship.
10 Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare for Your Next...
It's easier than ever to find a cheap airfare. Take a look at step by step instructions for booking budget travel.
Guided walking tours for which you pay whatever...
Free tours by foot depend upon tips to sustain the businesses. You pay whatever you wish for the budget travel experience.
How to Navigate a London Layover on a Budget
A London layover is common for air travelers. Here are step by step tips for a half day itinerary as you visit London on a budget from Heathrow or Gatwick airports.
Tips for Planning Your Grand Canyon Vacation on...
A Grand Canyon vacation can be expensive without some good budget travel advice. Check out these ten tips on your next trip to the Grand Canyon.
10 Budget-Friendly Countries That Offer Senior...
A senior discount while traveling can make trips far more affordable. Take a look at budget friendly countries for senior travel.
Your Guide to Exploring the US Virgin Islands...
Here are five money saving tips that will help you get more value from your visit to U.S. Virgin Islands. Enjoy the Eastern Caribbean on a budget.
Find a Winter Cruise Deal and Book It
FInd winter cruise deals you can book quickly with these suggestions of where to look and how much to pay.
Breakfast can be Special
Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money. Page 2.
How to Find Cheap Airfare to London for Budget...
London airfare deals are easier to find because there are multiple airports. You can shop for airfares at Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, London City Airport, Stansted, and Southampton. Find an airport, find a cheap airfare to London and enjoy one of the world's great cities.
Terrific Tips for Visiting London on a Budget
If you plan to travel to London, consider some tips that make for a cheap London trip. These budget travel tips are for London airfare, hotel deals, tours, transportation and dining.
Your Budget-Friendly Travel Guide to Venice
If you've dreamed of seeing Venice but you don't want to take out a second mortgage to do it, here are some money-saving tips to help out in one of Europe's most beautiful--and most expensive--cities.
Denver on a Budget
Few of America's largest cities are set in more beautiful surroundings than Denver. Whether you'll be visiting on business or for pleasure, here are some tips for saving your travel budget and discovering the secrets of saving money in Colorado's largest city.
How to Take a Miami Vacation on a Budget
Visiting Miami on a budget? These money saving ideas will cut your costs and help you find cheap food and hotels, and get better value for your money.
Your Complete Travel Guide to Visiting St....
Here are some tips on where to stay, what to eat, and what sites to see on a budget in the interesting city of St. Louis.
5 Ways to Get a Bargain on Your Travel Airfare
Here are five reliable ways to save money on your next airfare purchase. How many of these have you already tried?
How to Save Money and Your Back by Packing Like...
Packing light pays off in added value for budget travel excursions. It often involves one bag travel. Learn how to pack light with this list of strategies.
Consider Cheap Train Tickets for your Next...
Cheap train travel might not match your idea of a family vacation. But it is an excellent budget travel strategy, especially in big cities.
Take Advantage of Low Zip Line Prices
Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money. Page 4.
Your Comprehensive Summer Vacation Travel Guide
When it's time to plan for summer vacation, plan your itinerary with expert assistance. Find the best vacation places and travel tips at About.com.
5 Things to Do in Puerto Rico on a Budget
These Puerto Rico budget travel tips will help you get more value from your visit. Save money on food, walk Old San Juan and explore all of Puerto Rico.
Food and Travel - 8 Common Mistakes
Make budget travel a priority at mealtime. Identify 8 common mistakes that occur when food and travel are combined.
Take time to Observe Nature
Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money. Page 5.
Save Your Travel Budget with a Megabus Ride
Megabus.com offers low cost bus travel between 70 U.S. destinations and also service between major European cities for budget travel.
Your Travel Guide to Visiting Los Angeles on a...
Is Los Angeles too expensive for you? Don't answer the question until you read some tips for saving money in one of the world's favorite cities.
How to Turn Buying a New Car into a Discounted...
European delivery programs allow budget travelers to take delivery of their new car as they take a discounted European vacation.
International Ski Deals: Plan Your Next Budget...
Finding a ski deals can be tough. There are ski trip charges for everything from lift tickets to the ride from the airport. Ski discounts can be found with some effort. Here are money saving tips for finding ski deals.
Don't Miss the Hot Springs
Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money. Page 8.

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